Specializing in custom hardware design.

Specializing in the custom design of complete systems.  Red Wire Technologies will design custom hardware components and/or utilize commercially available parts in order to design a complete system to meet customer requirements. We specialize in working with our customers to help develop requirements to ensure the final product will meet your mission goals.  Red Wire Technologies has extensive experience with RF systems as well as low power system development.

Software / Firmware

Specializing in software and firmware design.

Red Wire Technologies combines the power of decades of expertise with open source technologies to maximize performance and minimize time of development.  Red Wire Technologies develops on FPGAs, MCUs, CPUs, and GPUs.  We frequently target mixed systems.  Our engineers have a comprehensive knowledge of software defined radios and multi-sensor data processing.  Red Wire Technologies has developed SDR implementations of common protocols and custom protocol systems as well as integrating machine learning into systems.