Red Wire Technologies (RWT), a small, woman-owned business located in Knoxville, Tennessee, specializes in producing high-performance embedded SDR solutions. We are a complete custom engineering company, specializing in software defined radio, wireless communications, digital signal processing, FPGA programming, and embedded Linux development.

RWT is proficient at working with customers to meet specific needs by modifying our current products, performing custom software development, or creating new hardware designs as required. Our team's expertise covers the entire R&D process chain from concept to finished product. RWT utilizes a unique modular design philosophy for most of the hardware we develop, allowing for rapid reuse of existing designs in new development.

All RWT products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. All of our enclosures and PCBs are fabricated and assembled in America using a combination of domestic and foreign parts, with foreign components used only when no domestic substitute is available.

This Wiki contains user documentation and more detailed information about the products designed and sold.

RWT currently has one commercially available product, the Oxygen SDR. This radio is provided with basic support through the wiki and mailing lists. RWT has several additional products in late Beta testing. Please contact us at sales@redwiretechnologies.us for more information.

Our Approach to Software Defined Radio

The engineers at RWT began our work in SDR during previous careers as consumers of commercial SDR hardware, focusing mainly on signal processing algorithm and software development. Dissatisfied with the low performance, quality, and fragility of available hardware, we began developing our own embedded field deployable systems. After building several successful custom SDRs for a diversity of customers, we founded Red Wire Technologies to address the flaws in commercial SDR hardware.

We know that a successful fieldable SDR should be:

  1. Fully Embedded – The radio must be self contained. It is our experience that no user wants to transport extra equipment such as laptops and cables in order to make their SDR work after completion of initial software development.
  2. Rugged – Consumer grade hardware pieced together and placed in a box will not hold up to long term use. A completely fieldable SDR should be able to be made mil spec.
  3. Open Source – No user wants to be locked into a proprietary software architecture. An embedded SDR should be Linux based and be able to support GNU Radio for open development and code reuse.
  4. Modular – Given the time it takes to develop a custom radio, many efforts are obsolete by the time they are finished. By producing a modular radio, our subcomponents can be redesigned or upgraded over time with significantly reduced time and cost.