As a complete custom engineering company Red Wire Technologies (RWT) provides a number of services beyond sales and support of commerical software defined radios.   RWT is a complete engineering company, specializing in software defined radio, hardware design, wireless communications, digital signal processing, FPGA programming, and embedded Linux development. RWT has developed a large breadth of capablities and can use those capablities to help your company or team meet complex challenges based on your requirements with custom solutions.  RWTs modular approach to embedded software defined radios can be leveraged to develop a semi-custom solution with a quicker timeline if this design model fits your needs.  RWT is customer focused and passionate about developing innovative solutions to meet complex challenges. 


RWT services offered include:


Custom and Semi-Custom Hardware Design


* Custom Waveform and Semi-Custom Design

* Custom Software 

* FPGA Firmware Development

* Complete Product Development


* Embedded SDR Skills Training