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All orders are assembled and tested after orders are received, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivey

The RWT Oxygen Development SDR comes with the following:

  1. RWT Oxygen SDR
  2. 12V Power power supply
  3. GPIO breakout cable
  4. USB3-Type A to USB-C cable
  5. USB-C to USB-C cable
  6. A microSDXC card which is pre-loaded with the latest release of software for the RWT Oxygen SDR
  7. Console/Debug header extension connector (Samtec ESQ-106-44-L-D)
  8. Hard Case for storage and transportation

RWT Oxygen SDR Development Kit, with a Xilinx Ultrascale+ MPSOC. This software defined radio operates over a frequency span of 70MHz to 6 GHz with 2x RX 2x TX MIMO channels. Includes expansion socket for optional RF daughtercards (LNAs, mixers, etc.) and 12 external 1.8V GPIOS with a standard pluggable connector and 2 USB-C interfaces (1 Upstream Facing Port, 1 Dual Role Port) supporting USB 3.0 speeds.

Fully Embedded SDR Solution

  • Stream data to a host computer as an IIO device OR operate as a standalone embedded computer
  • Operating system built using Yocto/Open Embedded
  • Radio is controlled using open-source software (GNU Radio, liblIO, and gr-rwt)
  • Tethered mode ustilizes gadget ethernet over USB-C connection

FPGA SOMs available in a range of sizes to meet performance and power requirements

  • Modular embeddcnz TE0820 System On Modules (SOMS) and the Analog

Devices AD9361 RF Agile Transceiver

Option FPGA ARM A53 Cores Mali GPU H.264/5 VCU Logic Cells DSP Slices Block RAM Ultra RAM
2CG XCZU2CG-SFVC784 Dual (1.3GHz) - - 103K 240 5.3MB  
3CG XCZU3CG-1SFVC784 Dual (1.3GHz) - - 154K 360 7.6 Mb  
4CG XCZU4CG-1SFVC784 Dual (1.3GHz) - - 192K 728 4.5 Mb 13.5 Mb
2EG XCZUZEG-1SFVC784 Quad (1.5GHz) Y - 103K 240 5.3MB  
3EG XCZU3EG-1SFVC784 Quad (1.5GHz) Y - 154K 360 7.6 Mb
4EV XCZU4EG-1SFVC784 Quad (1.5GHz) Y Y 192K 728 4.5 Mb 13.5 Mb
  • An HDL development environment has been developed similar to GNU Radio out-of-tree modules

The Oxygen Developer SDR is a modular Embedded SDR. The SDR has several options of FPGA size, and a connector for supporting a custom RF "personality" card. It is delivered with a custom Linux distribution, including GNU Radio 3.10. The unit includes a built-in GPS receiver, external GPIO connector using a standard.


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